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Athens-Clarke County, a unified city-county in Georgia, is located in the northeastern section of the state, along the eastern boundry of highway 316. It is referred to as a college town being the home of the University of Georgia which is primarily responsible for its establishment and its following growth. The city-county dropped its initial charter in 1991 to form a unified goverment which would from then on be called Athens-Clarke County. It has several surrounding smaller towns including Winterville, Bogart, and Hull. The Athens GA area has a accumulated population of close to two hundred thousand. Located in downtown Athens, the University of Georgia, a.k.a. UGA, was founded in 1785. Since then, the only time the school has been closed for an extended perioud was in 1863 - 1866 during the American civil war. The school mascot is a english bulldog known as Uga. This past year, it boasted an enrollment size of thirty four thousand students.